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Schedule Dentistry Services in Chesterton and Schererville, IN

Whether you like how your smile looks or want to improve your teeth, the friendly dentists at Chesterton Family Dentistry and Schererville Family Dentistry can provide you with reliable dental services. We proudly serve patients in Chesterton and Schererville. When you work with a dentist from our offices, you’ll see why so many people recommend and rely on our dental care.

We offer a range of family dentistry services, from routine cleanings to pediatric care, to ensure that you and your spouse, partner, kids, parents, or other family members receive the best dental care for your individual needs.

Our Mission

We aim to keep every patient’s mouth healthy and strong. Our dentists offer comprehensive dental care and emergency dentistry so you can receive treatment as soon as possible to avoid complications.

When you work with a dentist in Chesterton or Schererville, you increase your chances for having a strong and healthy mouth. If you aren’t sure which dental services will best enhance your smile or improve your oral health, let us know. We’ll perform a preliminary exam and recommend any additional treatments.

Call either of our offices in Chesterton or Schererville, Indiana, at 219.929.9289 or 219.322.3232, respectively. You can also look through our services tab above to learn more about all of the services and treatments we offer.   

Our Doctors

Dr. Ray Alavanja, Dr. Robert Pieters and Dr. Mystie Pieters will gladly serve you and your family at either of our Indiana locations. Our doctors have been treating patients in Northwest Indiana for over 15 years and are accessible to your needs and busy schedule.

Our Offers

View the Coupons & Offers page, print the coupon, and bring it with you on your next visit.


Schererville Family Dentistry

1050 Caroline Ave
Schererville, IN 46375
Call or Text Us: 219.322.3232

Chesterton Family Dentistry

751 East Porter Ave, Suite 1
Chesterton, IN 46304
Call or Text Us: 219.929.9289