Cavity Fillings in Schererville

Cavities damage your teeth and cause you pain, but the damage isn’t over once they’re removed. Instead, because the decay literally creates a hole in your tooth, a dentist needs to do more than remove the infected part of your tooth. If you want to recover entirely from a cavity and protect your tooth from further damage, you need a filling or cavity treatment. A cavity filling might sound scary, but they’re actually a practical, easy way to restore a tooth damaged by a cavity. The dentists at Schererville Family Dentistry are more than happy to explain tooth decay treatment to you and offer fillings that should protect your teeth for years.

Why You Might Need a Cavity Filling

What happens if you don’t fill a cavity? Once the decayed part of your tooth is removed, the empty space can quickly fill with food particles and more bacteria unless the space is properly filled. Cavity treatment also strengthens your tooth from the inside out. If you have a filling, your tooth won’t be weaker from the cavity. Your tooth will also retain its natural look, shape, and feel.

How Tooth Decay Treatment Works

If you need a cavity filling, your dentist in Schererville, IN will start by numbing the area around the infected tooth. Then, he or she removes the infected part of your tooth. Thanks to the numbing agent, you shouldn’t feel any pain. Finally, your dentist will fill the tooth. The numbing agent should wear off in a matter of hours, and you’ll be left with a cavity-free tooth that will protect you from further decay.

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