Dentures In Schererville

You can lose your teeth for a variety of reasons. You might knock out a tooth while playing sports. Or you may require several teeth pulled due to dental disease. However, you don’t have to live with the loss for long. When you stop by our Schererville Family Dentistry office, our staff can fit you with partial or complete dentures in Schererville, IN.

Restore Your Smile With Replacement Dentures

Whether you only need a few teeth replaced or many, our understanding dentists have the equipment and skills to restore your smile with custom dentures, also known as false teeth.

Partial Dentures

If you still have a few teeth in great condition, our dentists will work with what you have to create stunning partial dentures. We’ll match your replacement dentures, or false teeth, to your remaining teeth, so the color, shape, and size all look as natural as possible. And, we’ll use your remaining teeth as an anchor to hold your removable partial dentures in place and to prevent your surrounding teeth from shifting.

Complete Dentures

If you’ve lost all your teeth, we’ll do everything we can to recreate your beautiful smile. With complete dentures, we’ll create custom teeth that look and function like normal teeth. We’ll position your replacement dentures so they sit where your old teeth used to be, effectively minimizing your adjustment time. However, you may need multiple appointments to ensure a seamless fit for your complete dentures with your mouth and gums.

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