Crowns and Bridges

Crowns & Dental Bridges in Schererville

Large fillings, root canals, and injuries can leave you with damaged and weakened teeth. If left untreated, these teeth have a greater likelihood of painfully chipping and fracturing.

Fortunately, at Schererville Family Dentistry, we excel at tooth restoration. When you come to our office in Schererville, IN, we’ll do everything we can to protect and save your damaged teeth and beautify your smile. Depending on your oral health, our dentists will fit you with either crowns or bridges. No matter which option you need, you’ll soon bite and chew normally, and you won’t need to worry about further damaging your teeth.

Tooth Crowns

If you have a weak or fractured tooth, we’ll place a crown, or tooth cap, over the affected area. These crowns provide support and cover any discolorations or chips. During your appointment, we’ll clean and prepare the tooth for the new crown. We’ll also take a mold of your tooth to ensure your tooth crown fits perfectly. After we’ve fabricated a dental crown that blends in naturally with your remaining teeth, we’ll permanently bond it to your tooth.

Dental Bridges

If you have several missing teeth, we can fill the gap with a bridge, which includes one or more replacement teeth that prevent your other teeth from shifting. As part of our bridge work, we’ll create crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap. These crowns will serve as an anchor for the bridge. Next, we’ll create a temporary bridge to ensure the replacement teeth align properly. Finally, we’ll fit you with a permanent bridge that looks and feels like your natural teeth. And to ensure stability, we’ll cement the bridge into place.

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