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Teeth Whitening Services in Schererville & Chesterton

Everyone has their own favorite foods and drinks. Perhaps you enjoy fresh cherries or aged red wine. Maybe you prefer to sip black coffee or green tea. Or you can’t consume enough blackberries and pomegranates.

But though indulging in your favorite foods makes you smile, your smile might seem a little worse for wear after you eat or drink. These staining foods can leave your teeth looking yellow or brown, despite regular brushing and flossing.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up snacks and sweets to enjoy a beautiful smile. At Schererville & Chesterton Family Dentistry, we provide teeth whitening treatments to Chesterton, IN and Schererville, IN residents.

Enjoy a Dazzling and Brighter Smile

At Schererville & Chesterton Family Dentistry, we want you to feel comfortable with your smile and your dental options. Depending on the degree of staining, your budget, and your time constraints, you can choose either in-office whitening or tray whitening.

In-Office Whitening

If you want to brighten your smile quickly, opt for our in-office treatment. Our trained staff will apply a protective gel to your gums as well as a light-activated gel to your teeth. Next, we’ll shine an intense laser at your teeth. As the light interacts with the gel, it will break up stains and lighten your teeth color by several shades.

Tray Whitening

If you have a tight budget, consider at-home tray whitening. This process allows you to whiten your teeth at your convenience. We’ll fit you with a custom tray, which you will fill with a bleaching gel. When you feel ready, you can wear the gel tray for 30 to 60 minutes, twice daily. After several days of regular application, you’ll soon notice a whiter, more beautiful smile.

Start Your Whitening Treatment Today

If you’d like to start either of our teeth whitening procedures, call our Schererville, IN office at (219) 322-3232 or our Chesterton, IN office at (219) 929-9289.</p

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