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Emergency Dentist In Schererville, IN

If you have a toothache or you just experienced an accident that cracked or knocked out a tooth, you need solutions and you need them fast. At Schererville Family Dentistry, you can gain fast access to all of the resources of an emergency dental clinic in St. John, Indiana. We make it simple for you or a loved one to get urgent dental treatment before any damage becomes permanent.

Don’t Wait, Give Your Emergency Dentist a Call

Call 219-322-3232

As an experienced emergency dentist in Schererville, we can offer you immediate help for your dental emergency.

Use These Tips During a Dental Emergency

Emergencies generally come in two forms: injuries or infections. If you have a dental injury, you need fast treatment to ensure your teeth heal correctly. Call a 24-hour dentist immediately to set up an appointment in the next 30 minutes and use the following steps to treat the problem:

  • • Find any pieces of teeth, including chips or whole knocked-out teeth, and gently rinse if dirty.
  • • Insert knocked-out teeth or keep whole teeth or fragments in milk or in mouth next to cheek.
  • • If other injuries like broken jaw or concussion are suspected, call us now. You may have to go to an emergency room.

If, on the other hand, you suspect an infection, you need a way to mitigate pain and stop the spread of any virus or bacteria. Follow these steps before an appointment:

  • • Soak the infected area with a warm saline solution or other antibacterial mouthwashes.
  • • Use cotton dipped in ice water to dull pain.
  • • Rinse with lemon juice or use Vitamin C supplements.

By using these first-aid tips, you’ll be able to prepare your teeth for emergency dentistry services, increasing your chances of completely restoring your dental health./p>

Trust Our Emergency Dental Care Services

When you arrive at our clinic, an emergency dentist will work with you to find a fast solution to your urgent dental issue. Our emergency dentists have been serving the St. John, IN area for over 30 years. In that time, they have dealt with multiple problems and have gained the experience to deal with yours.

Remember to call 219.322.3232 to receive instructions and to make an emergency appointment today.


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