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Tooth Bonding in Schererville

When you look in the mirror, your smile seems almost perfect with a few exceptions. Perhaps your teeth appear mostly white, but you have one tooth that looks more gray, brown, or yellow than the rest. Maybe you have fairly straight teeth, but one of your incisors juts off at a slight angle.

Though you don’t require major dental work, you would love to correct these tiny blemishes in your appearance. You can’t afford to invest in veneers, and you don’t have the patience for traditional braces.

Why Not Try Dental Bonding?

At the Schererville Family Dentistry, PC in Schereville, IN, we can use dental bonding to repair and restore your smile.

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Correct Flaws in Your Smile

Tooth bonding is a simple, affordable cosmetic procedure that corrects minor chips, tooth discoloration, and misaligned teeth. Additionally, we can use dental bonding as an effective alternative to traditional silver, amalgam fillings. The white resin blends in with your teeth while protecting against decay and dental caries.

We start by choosing a resin color that matches your surrounding teeth. Next, we’ll roughen your tooth’s surface to prepare it for the resin, and then we’ll apply a putty-like resin to your teeth.

The resin is easy to mold, so we’ll shape it to achieve a natural look and to improve your bite. Once we feel satisfied with the placement, we’ll shine an ultraviolet light or laser to harden the material. After it has set, we’ll polish the bonded tooth until it matches your surrounding teeth in shine and appearance.

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